Leverage your data assets for Innovation, Insights and Automation: We are FASTER

We enable Life Sciences and Health Care companies to get actionable intelligence faster than ever before. No more manual intensive processes with high cost of quality and long turnaround time. No more getting stuck on indecisive analysis or imprecise conclusions.

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage With Our AI
Powered Data Solutions

We digitise data

Datafoundry's digitization pipeline with highly accurate proprietary ML models can transform large datasets into structured & searchable formats. Simply connect your datasets through a secure pipeline with our digitization service to accelerate your journey towards actionable insights. Our MediLP (Medical NLP) models work well with a range of bio-medical data such as clinical, safety, labelling, supply chain, sales and regulatory.

domain focussed products

Built by highly passionate data scientists and medical experts, our products reimagine user experience through AI assisted features. Starting from automated case intake and triage for pharmacovigilance and signal detection, to smart AI features for literature review, report generation and clinical authoring - our products will be loved by your medical affairs, safety and clinical teams.

secured and compliant cloud

With decades of experience in the life sciences and healthcare domain and a patient centric approach we understand the criticality of patient safety, data privacy and data integrity. For us, regulatory compliance is not just a legal or business requirement, it is simply the right and ethical thing to do. We have built a secure and compliant cloud data platform to enable our customers build, host and manage, their data and applications without worrying about security and compliance.

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We help organisations gain valuable insights to make informed decisions from their data in the most effective manner.

According to industry research, 80% of the data is not being used as a strategic asset in the life sciences and healthcare domain.

Key challenges we solve:

Regulatory Risks triggered by scattered data in legacy systems.

  • $10BN PV penalties/year
  • $7BN faulty labels penalties
  • $2M per product per region

Industry constraints that increase time to market

  • 30% of Opex to fix quality
  • 20% of cost of a trial spent on its design, regulatory dossier
  • +45% inefficiencies in PV

Inability to accurately predict future outcomes that can be trusted.

  • Only 10% trials are completed on time and within budget
  • $250M per product recall
  • $450 BN in frauds

We solve your data problems

Life sciences companies need to embark upon digital data transformation to drive automation and improve data quality in key areas such as pharmacovigilance, label management, literature review, clinical trial management, medical and scientific communication, regulatory submissions (IDMP compliance) and predictive analytics across drug discovery, development, manufacturing and sales.

High cost of data transformation

Long cycle time to realise benefits

Organisational change management

This is where Datafoundry comes in: We’re a leading enterprise-level data technology company with specialized solutions for pharma and medical devices companies, CROs and research institutions.

DF Health 4.0 Cloud Platform

The DF Health 4.0 Cloud platform is the data transformation, lifecycle management, and data validation platform for healthcare. It enables speed to business value, by accelerating your digital transformation journey with an AI powered data digitization pipeline that integrates with all major digital departments and processes to create a seamless, automated data digitization process.

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ER:ES - US FDA 21 CFR Part 11,
EU Annexe 11

Data Exchange Standards and Interoperability

NIST 800-53 - Security and Privacy Controls

Protection of Sensitive Patient Information

ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Management

Data Protection and Patient Privacy

Web Application Security

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage With Our AI Powered Data Solutions

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