Data is your Clay. You are the Artist.
Shape your World

At DataFoundry, we are always looking for passionate Data Artists who can shape, mould and transform data into valuable business insights.

As data artists...

We have the power to mould, shape and create whatever we want

We tailor-make our products to systematically align with the client’s needs

We operate in a boundary-less world of unlimited possibility

We are not number crunchers, but creators, paving the way for a better tomorrow

We encourage people to make mistakes and learn from them. Fail fast, learn fast, grow fast

Why join us?

Work on future tech

We use AI and machine learning to bring huge cost and time benefits to our customers. You will have a chance to witness how technology works at scale, and see the impact.

A journey of learning

Work with a peer group that is passionate about using technology to create. Our culture of continuous learning helps us deliver value to our customers and our people.

Transform businesses and lives

We are building ethical applications that will be available and economical for everyday users, for business users and for non-human users.

Our culture

Data is our DNA

We are a cutting-edge data innovation company. Our global teams in USA, India and Armenia are helping large businesses take better decisions using AI.

Collaborate to solve

Some of the finest minds in AI are today working tirelessly at DataFoundry to solve large problems for our customers, by combining domain insight and tech expertise.

Taking ownership

Our teams work closely with clients, taking ownership of the solution. We fail fast, learn fast and act fast to unlock value for our customers.

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