Real-time Management and Surveillance of
all Safety Events & Signals

mSafety is an AI Safety and Surveillance Product to automate safety Case Intake, Case Management and regulatory Case Reporting. Includes live analytics for signals and RWE/RWD impact analysis.


  • AI Automated Case Intake from emails, pdf, scanned documents.
  • AI modules to extract information from unstructured sources and to link it to structured datasets.
  • Automated duplicates management.
  • AI modules for Triage, Management and Processing (time based, priorities, reminders).
  • Medical NLP modules for validation of drugs, contents, chemicals and intent.
  • Configurable User Interfaces and Safety Reports.
  • Secured and compliant access management, data management and operations management.
  • Audit features, audit logs can be exported to regulatory management systems.
  • Includes a Regulatory Submission portal for Safety reports (native support for FDA & EMA).


  • Costs savings: 75% savings in case intake and digitization of case information.
  • Improved quality: 50% reduction of duplicates and data capture errors.
  • Less risks: 75% more accurate Safety reports that are submitted on time.
  • Data as an asset: Using the unified data platform reduces data integration and transformation costs by 40% (ETL, CROs).