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Pharma 4.0

Explainable AI Solutions for clinical trials and drug safety and efficacy.

  • Manage PV cases for higher volumes with multi-format PDFs
  • Search & Categorize Literature for Survey, Review and Research
  • AI based Quality Gate Review and Regulatory Compliance for Digital Labels
  • AI Trials Data Management, Biostatistics and reporting

AI Fingerprinting

360° traceable compliance of a drug's lifecycle.

  • AI Fingerprinting (trackability, traceability, audit)
  • Vaulted Security for Access Control
  • Immutability to prevent fraud


Drug discovery, clinical trials, drug safety, drug pricing, HEOR, patient outcomes.

  • Digital Clinical Encounters
  • PV Predictive Analytics
  • AI for Clinical Trials (wearables, adherence)
  • Drug Commercial Analytics (pricing, performance, HEOR)