Ethical Innovations to unlock AI benefits for All.

Our journey started more than two decades ago with the desire to make data simple and to make the data magic available to anyone or anything – machines, connected objects, enterprises, schools and simple individuals.

Our guiding principles

Datafoundry’s guiding principles are inclusivity, collaboration, innovation, passion, trust, simplicity, empowerment and dedication to our partners. We believe that technology can transform the lives of the people and that everyone needs to be benefit from it.


Driven by innovation. Inspired by data.

We are socially driven data scientists, we always innovate to delight our customers, We believe that technology can transform the lives of people and that everyone needs to be able to benefit from it. We continue to build innovative, IP patented solutions in our labs in India that run in a secure environment that respects privacy laws and that contribute to the growth of our customers.

Our team

Vivek Kalagara

Founder, CEO


Vivek has been a data evangelist solving complex data integration challenges for Industry Giants across different sectors that spanned multiple continents. Vivek is the founder of DataFoundry and manages day-to-day operations, works with existing clients and wins new accounts. A firm believer of “leading by example,” Vivek specializes in relationship building, employee care and Out of the Box Thinking.

Shakeel Itoola

Co-Founder, CGO


A tech-savvy with 20-year track record across a range of companies including Google, IBM, eCommerce pioneers and innovative start-ups, Shak has carved his career off the beaten track. Shak has a passion for how AI and blockchains are democratizing the art of data science and transforming enterprises to make data universally accessible. A relentless innovator, Shak believes in the goodness of people and tries to give back to society and community.

Dr. Raj Ramesh

Chief AI Officer


While Dr. Raj Ramesh holds a PhD doctorate in the deeply technical field of Artificial Intelligence, his passion is to simplify complexity and he does that through speaking, writing, and videos. He was one of the chief architects in a multi-billion dollar transformation for a Fortune 25 company and has led various teams to deliver enterprise class solutions to Fortune 500 companies.


His recent book is titled, “AI & You: How to Think, Transform, and Thrive in the AI Future”

DataFoundry HQ, R&D (India)

DataFoundry AI Labs (Armenia)