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Oct 20, 2018

How AI is enhancing our everyday life

From drafting emails to displaying shopping recommendations, AI is transforming almost all aspects of our everyday life and work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being a disruptive technology, AI is already creating dramatic changes in our daily lives.
  • AI-powered vehicles, a revolutionary development, are gaining traction.
  • Homeowners prefer AI-powered security cameras and alarm systems for protection.


When Google Photos groups pictures of your family and friends using facial recognition technology, it deploys the Deep Learning arm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Chatbots that talk to you on Facebook use AI. Digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa also use AI to execute tasks or provide information.


AI and machine learning are said to be the biggest innovations since the microchip. From drafting emails to displaying shopping recommendations, AI is transforming almost all aspects of our everyday life and work.


Smart digital assistants
AI integration is driving the development of useful tools for ubiquitous voices. Brands such as Amazon are investing in data analysis in order to fine-tune the capabilities of digital assistants. This will open the door to more complex tasks. Soon enough, onboard computer assistants will learn to mimic speech patterns, making them even more important.


Self-driving cars
AI has already pushed self-driving cars from fiction to reality. According to a study done on fifty Google vehicles that drove nearly 1.3 million miles, AI-powered self-driving cars are surpassing human drivers in safety standards. This is because AI allows self-driving cars to adapt instantaneously to changing road conditions and make the ride safe and comfortable.

Efficient ridesharing apps
How do ridesharing apps like Uber determine the duration and price of your ride? How do they minimize your waiting time? Machine learning, a subset of AI, powers the magic inside these apps. AI-based algorithms look for traffic obstructions and assess how travel time and fares will be impacted when cabs take a detour to avoid traffic congestion.

Personalized shopping experience
Understanding customers’ shopping behavior has strengthened the relationship between customers and e-commerce sites. The online shopping portals now have access to valuable customer data such as time spent on browsing, type of products viewed, and device used. Based on the vast amount of customer data, the shopping sites offer product recommendations.

Advanced home security
For the best technology in home security, most homeowners look to AI-powered cameras and alarm systems. These cutting-edge tools and applications use facial recognition technology and machine learning algorithm to build a catalog of frequent visitors, allowing systems to detect uninvited guests instantly. AI-powered security systems also provide useful features such as notifying you when your kids return home from school.


While the tech advancements mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg, these details indicate the extent to which AI technologies are affecting our everyday life.


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